Gym Membership
Gym MembershipCore Strength Fitness offers very low gym membership rates and limits membership so the gym is never crowded and clients can come in and get their workouts done in a timely, efficient manner without sitting around and waiting for someone else to finish with the equipment.

Professional Workout Equipment

Core Strength Fitness is packed with high quality commercial, professional gym equipment such as Hammer, Cybex, Icarian, Body Masters, Cemco dumbells, Power Rack and Smith Machine. There is also a recumbent bike and treadmill for cardio. The variety of equipment allows for diversity in ones workouts which amounts to continual progress and prevents boredom. 


Core Strength Fitness DOES NOT require initiation fees and requires no additional money down-You pay strictly for your membership ONLY. Membership begins at time of purchase and is valid for the amount of time purchased from the initial payment. Core Strength DOES NOT allow for membership interruption- This type of policy only allows people to be inconsistent with their training routines and does not allow for quality results!

  • 1 month membership: $37
  • 2 month membership: $27 per month/$54 paid in full at time of joining
  • 3 month membership: $24 per month/$72 paid in full at time of joining
  • 6 month membership: $21 per month/$126 paid in full at time of joining
  • 12 month membership: $19 per month/$228 paid in full at time of joining