Personal Training

Core Strength Fitness prides itself on its personal training services and quality methods used to train its clients! Mike Martinez is an ISSA and Master Trainer with over 30 years of experience and involvement in weight training, sport specific training, rehabilitation, cardiovascular fitness, nutrition, and weight loss.  Mike has a great understanding of the mechanics of the body, and the proper way the body should be trained, adding to the overall performance and efficiency of the body- while avoiding things that may cause injury or add to an existing injury.

Mike has had extensive experience training clients with back issues, diabetes, fibromyalgia, H.I.V., elbow and knee issues, as well as other injuries. “As a trainer, you are not always going to get a client who is 100% injury free- it’s your job to come up with creative methods to work around a clients injuries or health issues. This is one of the aspects that makes a trainer exceptional.”

Whether your goal is to lose fat and build a slender, or muscular physique, train for a sport specific event, bulk up and put on pounds of lean muscle, or just achieve better overall health and conditioning, Core Strength Fitness can help you achieve these goals in a timely, cost effective manner. 


  • 1-8 sessions-$66 per hour
  • 9-16 sessions-$61 per hour
  • 17-24 sessions-$56 per hour
  • 25-40 sessions-$51 per hour- Payment can be divided into 2 installments if purchasing 40 sessions.

SPECIALS – First Time Members Only

  • 8 sessions for $472 or $61 per session**
  • 15 sessions for $810 or $56 per session**