Custom Health Programs
These programs are designed to offer cost effective alternatives to continual one-on-one personal training. The objective is to meet with a client for one workout of one hour and 30 minutes. During the course of this time a workout is designed specifically for the client and that workout is then given to the client for him or her to follow for a 4 week period of time. A nutrition program is also set up for the client so he or she can adhere to a healthy eating plan. The nutrition plan is established and based on the clients calorie needs, types of foods they enjoy, and their daily schedules – work, school, life!

When the four week period has ended, the client can choose to meet with Mike so a new program can be established.  The nutritional program is also re evaluated and modified if necessary.


Initial consultation and personalized workout and nutritional program, one 90 minute training session, gym access for length of training program, (1, 2 or 3 months)

  • $200 for a one month package**
  • $375 for a two month package-$162.50 per month**
  • $525 for a three month package-$150 per month**

**All packages include a 90 minute one-on-one personal training session and full gym access.

Additional personal training sessions may be added to all individual programs for $53 per hour.