About Us

Core Strength Fitness is a private gym that caters to the needs of athletes, people seeking general fitness, those with special needs such as Dibetes, Fibrmyalgia, Lupus, HIV, back Injury and Pain, as well as other chronic illness and disease, and to those looking for sport specific training.

Core Strength Fitness is a private gym owned and operated by ISSA certified and Master Trainer Mike Martinez. Mike is 52 years old and has been involved in sports since the age of 7. Mike began weight training at the age of 19, where his goal was to build a more muscular, lean physique. Mike has been learning and re-learning the science behind fitness and health for over 30 years of his life! He prides himself in coming up with a lean mass building, weight loss program that he discovered and designed over a decade ago through the merging of different training techniques he has used throughout the years. This program consists of a mathematical approach to achieving results, and as Mike professes, “Numbers don’t lie.” Mike has used this program and approach to help people of all ages with different fitness and health needs and challenges achieve superior health and fitness and greatly improve the functionality of the cardiovascular system as well as the muscular system in a synergistic manner.

Core Strength Fitness is a no frills gym aimed at delivering serious results for those willing to invest the proper work and discipline.

You won’t find a pool, spa or group classes at Core Strength Fitness- but you will find a gym packed with high quality commercial gym equipment such as Icarian, Body Masters, Cybex, Hammer, and Cemco. Cross Fit training exercises are incorporated into the programs throughout different phases of training to help continually challenge the body into new and positive changes! Core Strength Fitness is a huge believer in keeping the cardiovascular system strong so keeping the heart pumping hard throughout the workouts is a priority!